Devo Program

The Devo Program is offered as a year-round program, a summer-only program, and a winter-only program. Devo stands for Development - and that is the focus. Development not only as a skier, but as an athlete in general. Devo athletes can expect to build fitness, improve their skills, and have fun on skis.

Format (Winter): Each session will begin with a full team warm-up followed by a set a drills or a skill progression for the whole group. Next, athletes will be split into groups based on age and skill. Beginner skiers will receive instruction on the fundamentals of skiing. More advanced skiers will do workouts with the intention of building skills, fitness, speed, agility, and technique.

Schedule (Winter): 10 month/year option or Winter only Nov 5 - March 15

Tuesday from Bogus Offices 3:45-7:00pm

Thursday at Fort Boise 3:45-5:15pm

Saturday from Bogus Offices 9:00am-12:30pm

Sunday from Bogus Offices 1:00-4:00pm


  • Year-round - $1225

  • Winter Only - $995 ($700 if you expect to attend 2 or fewer days/ week)

  • Summer Only - $300 ($200 if you expect to make less than half the sessions)

Additional Costs: Throughout the season the team will travel to a handful of races outside of Boise. These trips are in no way required, but they are often the highlight of the season for these athletes. We are very price conscious, and run the trips as efficiently as possible. Typical race trips cost between $150-350, and includes lodging, food, race entry, and transportation.

Other Requirements: Must have a Bogus Basin Season Pass.  The Alpine pass DOES NOT cover nordic. The Nordic only seasons pass for children under 12 is $54. To buy your Bogus Basin Season Pass online Click Here.

For insurance purposes, all participants must be USSA members. $15 general memberships are available at

Skiers must provide own equipment. The season lease at Bogus is one option, but purchasing new or used equipment is often the better choice for athletes at this level

Contact: For questions about the Devo program, please contact: Co-Head Coach & Program Director Emma Donohoe

Summer Devo

Skiers are made in the summer!

Summer Devo is best for athletes going into 6th-9th grade in the fall.  There will be a wide variety of ages and ability levels and the group will split up and come back together for different activities as appropriate.  We do ask that all participants have the fitness level to run or bike at a steady pace for at least 30 minutes so that they can participate in all of our activities.

We strongly believe that variety is the best way to make a summer training program enjoyable and effective, so no two training sessions will be the same.  We also believe that it's healthy to do a number of different forms of exercise at this age so the training will expose young athletes to a number of different outdoor sports and skills that can be applied to a variety of different team and individual sports.  Normal activities will include trail running, mountain biking, light strength exercises (mostly body weight drills like push ups, step ups or crunches), jumping drills, speed and agility training.

Athletes come from a wide range of backgrounds and Summer Devo is ideally suited for someone who would like to improve their fitness for a fall sport or also as a way to get in some healthy outdoor physical activity 3 days/week.