We started our day off driving to Oregon. Along the way we stopped on the Anthony Lakes Highway, for a distance rollerski. I started off feeling good and Wilson had told us the farthest could go was 26 miles, I set a goal for 18 miles. It was definitely the longest rollerski I have ever done, and with Emma as a ski buddy I was able to reach my goal. I in total skied 30 km, I was really happy to have reached a big goal. Being able to go on these trips brings a lot of great memories and achievements. - Elise


On the first afternoon we went for a short run fairly close go the house and got to see some pretty sweet scenery as we ran along a creek and passed an abandoned house some were even lucky enough to see a black bear. Most of the group turned back to play camouflage, a game similar to kick the can or hide and go seek while a few of us decided to run for longer and ended up running in the dark while we screamed and clapped to avoid another bear encounter even though we are pretty sure we could've fought it. All in all it was really fun to get to run and enjoy a change in scenery from the usual sagebrush and grass in Boise to the big pine trees and cooler temps in Oregon and I really enjoyed getting some solid training in with the team - Ted


This morning was a very painfully morning. We had to do intervals. Not just any intervals, but bounding intervals. For guidelines that have never been out bounding its like running but 50 times as hard, because there is jumping and poles involved. We had to do a new set of intervals 5,6,7, 8 minute. It was brutal. Although we struggled to accomplish these we are better skiers now we have had the experience of these brutal intervals. -Jackson

On Friday afternoon we went for a classic specific strength rollerski on Elkhorn Drive Scenic Byway. It was a beautiful road perfect for rollerskiing. With rolling hills and the changing needles of Tamarack pine trees (trust me I didn't know that was a thing either) it made for a nice ski. The best part about the ski was probably the random signs that kept on popping up along the road. One simply said, "Goats on the Road" and to our dismay, there were no goats on the road other than maybe us, since you could argue we were the Greatest Of All Time rollerskiers on that road. Another sign simply said trucks with no indication of where trucks could pull out of slow down or anything else. We concluded the ski with a number of kids trying to ski down to the van because apparently Wilson was never going to come back for them. Immediately after our rollerski we headed to Olive Lake to find some crawdads. -Sofi

On day two we went crew fishing. Fairly chilly, and the ground was very deceiving. It was a gamble stepping in most places because it you couldn't be sure if your foot could stink deep into the mud. Towards the end my shoe was not secured to the point were the suction sucked it off my foot and deep into the mud. That was fun. Anyway crawfish population was a tad scarce this year, and a bit more chilly than usual. But with the frequent comments coming from Abram and Ted kept it quite entertaining. Fishing for crawfish isn't like usual fishing, and I'm not saying this cause sticking your hand into a murky hole and debating what might latch on to your hand. No it's different because, at least every time you go crawfishing you use at least one person's water bottle too hold crawdads, in this case we used mine. It will take several washes to get the taste of Olive Lake out of it. At least I will have something to remember Umatilla 2017 by. - Maya


The best part about the hike we went on was potentially the first dump of snow of the year. Having renaud's, my hands got a wee bit chilled, but overall it was really fun hike to go on. Everyone got a lil bit spooked by the snowstorm, but we handled it perfectly and only semi-froze our hands. -Luc



Today I went for a bike ride because I hurt my ankle weeks before the camp. I started out my bike ride with the sun poking though the clouds I thought to my self "dang it going to be a nice day" because it rained the night before. But man was I wrong... So I started my bike ride and about 2 hours in it started to rain, then it started to snow, sleet, and hail. Lucky I brought my coat and put it on. The rest of the ride was pretty nice despite the rain and snow. In the end I ended up doing 75 miles. Overall I got to see many beautiful miles of the Umatilla national forest. -James Roloff



After our hike, a few of us decided to go for a short run. Our plan was to be out for an hour, giving us another 30 minutes to get ready to chow down on some chili. (The onions were fantastic but I'm still waiting on any sort of appreciation). Anyways on to the run. We began by exploring a trail behind the house which, after 20 minutes of scrambling through the undergrowth, led us to nearly the exact place we started. Feeling less than confident in our orienteering abilities, we decided to stick to running on a dirt road with no turn offs. 40 minutes later, the cool air, fresh with the smell of rain, led us back to some delicious chili.


It had been doing any sort of frozen precipitating since we started. As it started to turn to snow and stick to the trees the view became quite a sight. It wasn't until we hit the highpoint that being sopping wet became worth it. Now the road had some snow stuck to it too, and the decent became a snow slushfest party. -Abram:-)


This trip was a great experience, I got to try a few new things. But the best one would be the bounding intervals. It kicked my but, but everybody just gave their all and did great. -Cicily