Ted Yewer - 

Nordic skiing in June is pretty special, not many people can say they've done it. But DOWNHILL SKIING at Squaw in June is on a whole other level of awesome. When we got to the parking lot you could feel the excitement in the air. After suiting up we all made a beeline for the lifts. It was shaping up to be a great day of spring/summer shredding but then Wilson laid our previously unknown dilemma on us "guys the lifts close at two" almost simultaneously we all checked out watches and to our dismay we saw a 1:00 looking back at us. The following events can be summed up as an all out sprint to get as many runs in as possible in the hour we had. We ended up getting quite a few runs in, I can't remember the total number but it was pretty astonishing that we got as many as we did. Overall it was a crazy good day of skiing which will definitely be one of the highlights of my trip.

Elise Hegerle

Saturday morning we arrived at the Auburn Ski Club for our sprint races. We skied up to one of the highest points and took team photos before splitting up to do our warmups. I skied into the stadium and was told who my relay partner was and then awaited the race start. As I was waiting I started talking to a couple of the girls in my race and as we tagged off to our teammates we continued talking. After the race we went and cooled down together and shared our information with each other. We kept talking and decided to ski a bonus round of the race as partners. I really enjoyed getting to meet new people and going on these trips we get that opportunity. Going on ski trips we get to travel to new places and meet new people and it really makes a hard week of training fun.