From Aliya Brown -

Today, we went on our first classic ski at Auburn Ski Club.  The snow conditions were better than we ever could’ve hoped for in June, and the clear skies made it even better.  The transition from rollerskis back to snow can be a little tricky, especially on classic rollerskis, so we did a lot of work on single poling and no poling.  We also did a couple of “super scurries”, and at least one person wiped out each time.  After all of our technique work, we decided to head out and tack on a few more hours with a distance ski.  Most of us have never skied here, so it was super fun to explore the trails and get some great training in!  Some of us skied for as long as two and a half hours, so we’re off to a great start with reaching our goals for hours this week.  All of us were really excited to be back on snow, and it was great to see that positive attitude throughout the morning. 


From Sofi Serio 

After our 9 hour van drive to Truckee, complete with a unremarkable hour long stop at Winco in which Eddy and I bonded for a little too long, we made our way to a trail called Coldstream, which was part-road part-trail. We went for a moderate run, featuring a small lake located in the middle of the trail-road, with the trail also featuring a small RV park. The most exciting part of the run was when we were doing strength adjacent to a campground and a little boy asked us what we were doing. The conversation essentially summed up what people think when they see us out and about training. The conversation went as follows;

 Little Boy: "What are you guys doing?"

 Wilson: "Working out." 


W: "For fun."

 LB: "For fun?"

It's hard to believe, right?


The second run of our trip consisted of a trail with rocks placed in just the right way that if you weren't extremely focused on the ground, you would certainly break your ankles. This run exceeded the sights of the first run, with trees shading the trail and trees surrounding us in mountainous ranges. We learned the hard way today that it is REALLY important to wash your hands before touching or handling food, especially after taking care of business. Over half the team had to pay an uncomfortable trip to the woods during some point in the run to take care of some uncontrollable business, or as Wilson calls it, the effects of fecal oral contamination. 

It remains to be seen what Truckee holds for us this week, but we all really hope the second run doesn't repeat itself ever again.