Sam Benzing

Wednesday afternoon most of the boys headed out to swim in Donner Lake while a small group of us put on rollerskis and skied around the the Donner Lake neighborhoods. The skate rollerski was a great chance to work on technique and transfer what we have been practicing on snow the last few days onto rollerskis. 

The next five months will be filled with skiing on pavement so having the opportunity to ski on snow and rollerski in one day was unique and for many of us it was our first experience of doing both in one day. Once we got over the initial awkward feeling of rolling across pavement we were able to focus on getting out over our skis and keeping our upper body stable. 

The end of the day marked halfway through the camp and we all celebrated by ending the day with roasted marshmallows! 

Jackson Neuhoff

We started out the day by going for a skate ski. We worked on double pole, teli-turns, and other technique oriented things. We then had a relaxing few hours at the house. For the second half of the day the team split up. Some went roller skiing while I and most of the boys went swimming in Donner Lake. The water was cold, but it was enjoyable over all. We then returned to the house for the night. 



Tuesday started with bacon, eggs, and a skate ski. The biggest advantage of skating over classic was that on Auburn Ski Club's hilly trails at 7200ft it was much easier to ski "easy" than it was on classic skis. We did a very similar workout to our classic ski - one-pole skiing on both sides, and no pole skiing. Afterward we skied in groups and worked on tempo changes.

In the afternoon we met up with a few athletes from the Boulder Junior Nordic Race Team to run the Rubicon trail along lake Tahoe. I dropped the kids at the start of the run and then drove the shuttle. Turns out Eddyline (assistant coach/ dog) wasn't allowed on the trail which was a pretty big letdown. A few kids jumped in the lake.