The Bogus Challenge Race Series 2016-17

The Bogus Challenge Race Series is made up of three races (two freestyle one classic). 

The race series serves three main purposes:

  1.  Provide a fun, accessible, and inexpensive race venue for our local skiers
  2.  Act as a small fundraiser for our junior programs
  3.  To build community - there's nothing like pushing yourself with a bunch of like-minded individuals to create a cohesive community!

These races are low key/ low pressure, but also a great venue for putting in a hard effort, challenging yourself, and prepping yourself for more "important" races.

Each challenge includes a fun obstacle course for younger skiers!


Register today!

Race fees are paid day-of by either cash, check, or card.

Fill out the appropriate adjacent form to help us register skiers in advance. (Full series registration is to do all three at once)

Any questions please email: